• I’m debating whether or not to book a makeup artist for my wedding. Couldn’t I follow in Kate’s footsteps and do it myself after practising, or even pop into a department store in the morning? There is nothing to stop you doing your own makeup if you are competent, although I would point out that your wedding morning is not the time to hope for a “good makeup day”. My kit is a treasure trove of luxury makeup to create a look that will look flawless all day, plus my hands won’t be quivering. Your bridesmaids might not be so confident in doing their own makeup… Or you might even have a bridesmaid you need to coax away from her usual heavy eyeliner: definitely best left to a professional! Visiting a department store may save you money but you will need to travel there and won’t have the luxury of watching everything happen around you like clockwork while you relax in your dressing gown.

  • I don’t normally wear makeup. Should I have it done on my wedding day or will I look too different? The trial is designed for us to get to know each other and you are absolutely in the driving seat. You can look as natural as you like, but even simple tricks like evening the skin tone, minimising shine and adding depth to your lip colour make all the difference in the wedding photographs. The key to wedding makeup is to look like you, but the best you’ve ever looked!

  • What’s inside your kit? For bridal makeup I have everything from primer to setting spray and my brands are are a mixture of high-end high street and luxury. To name a few of my favourites: Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, Dior, Laura Mercier and Urban Decay. I am constantly renewing my products and trialling new products so you can be assured you’ll only be treated to the best.

  •  I have sensitive skin, how can I be sure I won’t react? Sensitive skin needs to be treated with care. If you are a sufferer you will know that even organic products can set you off. Where possible I try to use sensitive products, e.g. perfume and alcohol free make-up remover. If you are unsure, all the more reason for a trial, where we will take our time and I can immediately remove any product that irritates you. I note down all products following the trial, so if your skin is happy after the trial you can be sure on the wedding morning there will be no changes made or substitutes used. 

  • Do you cater for all skin tones? Absolutely. The foundations and concealers in my kit range from the pinkest-porcelain to the deepest red-chestnut. I am based in London so am used to making up women of all ethnicities. 

  • How far in advance should I book a trial? If you’re recently engaged it’s easy to get carried away and want to get stuck into your planning but this is usually too early. Remember your skin tone and texture changes throughout the year. As a rough guide, I would recommend booking a trial four months before your big day. 

  • Should I wear makeup or be bare faced when you come for the trial? Bare faced is definitely preferable. Cleansed, toned skin is best, although you can use a light moisturiser if your skin feels tight. Having said that, if like me you prefer being made up to bare faced I won’t judge! 

  • If I am bare faced when you meet me, how will you know how much makeup I like to wear normally? Prior to the trial, I will ask you to send me a picture of you that best depicts your day-to-day look. This gives me an idea of how you look to friends and family and from there I can design a look that further enhances your best features with that added wedding glow, without you looking completely different.  

  • How long will each makeup application take on the day? Allow one hour for your bridal makeup and forty five minutes for anyone else. It will likely take less time than this but being ready slightly earlier than planned is far favourable to rushing. 

  • What is the maximum number of people you can do on the wedding day? If you know what time you and your party need to be ready for you can work backwards with the timings mentioned above and work out how many I can fit in. I’m no stranger to a 7am start and usually work in unison with the hair stylist (one person in hair whilst another is in makeup and so on it rotates) The largest party I can accommodate myself is 6. If you have a larger party let me know - I can bring a second makeup artist.

  • Will my makeup last all day? Your makeup is designed from base to finish to look light and natural but designed to stick like superglue so you are still looking cool as a cucumber on the dancefloor. Every step of my bridal makeup is applied with longevity in mind. The only thing you will need to purchase and keep on hand yourself is your desired lipstick shade. Obviously eating/drinking/licking lips will mean you require a couple of top ups throughout your day.

  • Do you provide false eyelashes, e.g. strip or clusters? As you’ll see in my pricing I provide both. These come at an additional charge of £8-£10 per person.

  • I have flower girls in my wedding party and don’t want them to feel left out when we’re getting ready. Do you charge for a little makeup on them? Absolutely not! For the “girlie” girls out there a little sparkle and subtle gloss helps them feel like a princess and it’s complimentary.

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